Saturday, 4 May 2013

Are bored with survey..??Here a trick To Remove Surveys

Tools Needed:
- Mozilla FireFox
- Firebug Add-On For Firefox
- Web Developer Toolbar For Firefox

1. Open the page and go to the Web-Developer tool bar and click “Disable” > “Disable Javascript” > “All Javascript”

2. Next, right click on the CPA-Lead Survey boxand click “Inspect element”.

3. Scroll up until you see an iframe element.

4. Click on it, so that it’s selected and then clickon Delete key. Voila! the annoying popup is now gone!

5. Sometimes you might be required to delete few more elements which cover the entire page. Delete them and you must now be able to see and use the required content.
The best part about this trick is that you can use it to unblock/bypass “Join/Become a fan/ ­Like, to view…” pages on Facebook. Right click on the page and click on “Inspect element” and look for “visibility:hidden”. ­ Delete the word ‘hidden’ and replace it with anything you like.