Saturday, 4 May 2013

Are You Secure?

Here are some techniques which will help an attacker to hack your system easily

1.) If you are using cracked softwares,that may have keyloggers,trojans etc  attached with them
so verify a software before installation and if that software is detected as trojan etc by your antivirus then stop the installation.

2.) If you are going to access your Email account,blog etc then beware of keyloggers
bcoz most of internet cafe have keyloggers in their systems.

3.) Never click on external links if you are in your account,blog bcoz that links may be cookie stealler.

4.)Avoid typing password at every login , use copy and pasting the password to the login box or use virtual keyboard to type useful  information like passwords etc ,this will help to bypass keyloggers.

5.)Avoid suveys bcoz that may be execution of .exe files on system to hijack PC activities.

6.)If you are using public wifi then bypass the DNS spoofing
What is DNS spoofing:DNS spoofing is a way in which when you are redirected to attacker’s link.
for more about DNS spoofing   click here

7.)If you are using public PC then start private browsing or you can delete the cookies using clear history before you leave bcause this is an another way by which your account may be cracked

I hope this article will help you
Be a secure user as internet is a platform for the hackers

Go ahead :)