Saturday, 4 May 2013

Make Your windows Genuine

Friends I am back with some interesting stuffs.. Many of many friends ask me how to convert their pirated copy of windows in Genuine version.. So in this article I am going to explain you the secret behind it..This process is bypassing the validation techniqueof windows xp.

Today, even you connect to internet and download any update for your O.S. I am definitely sure that you will encounter this type of problem. So to avoid such type of bussiness I am going to introduce this method..

This is bit complicated and any one can do it.
So lets starts our methods to exploit windows

Step 1: Goto start then run and then type regedit

Step 2: I guess you probably got your registrywindows opened then goto


Step 3: Double click on it and change some data values to any thing ( you do this step to set any bogus time so that the timer programgets confused)..

Step 4: Now goto start then run and paste the following

%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe / a

Step 5: I think you probably got your ACTIVATION SCREEN popping up... Now change the product key to


I guess this will work out..

Step 6: Now activate all your updating features of windows and enjoy...

I experimented on windows xp only... and it works fine.