Saturday, 4 May 2013

Customise speed of windows startup & performance

Most of the users have a problem of slow PC
This article will help you to speed up your PC
ok lets start

1) Right click on my computer , click on properties
speed up performance

2) Click on advance system settings
“A window of system properties will be in front of you”

Speed up PC
3) Click on advance tab
“Here you will see an option of performance”
4) Click on settings (of performance)
“Here first option is selected as default you have to customise it,for that click on custom”

sped 3

5) Now uncheck all the options except last three , then click on apply

Speed up PC


6)Now click on start search for run box ,OR you can simply press Start key + R

“by doing so , Run box will be in front of you”

7) Type msconfig in runbox

“A window of system cinfiguration will be in front of you”

8) Now navigate to startup , uncheck the programs which you do not want to
execute at windows startup,Also you can disable the services by clicking on
services tab,uncheck according to your choice.

NOTE : Some users install two or more antivirus , that is not a smart work because they are slowing down their system by own , so install an effective
and light antivirus

I hope this article will help you the most to speed up your PC perfprmance

Go ahead :)