Saturday, 4 May 2013


You can remove virus using command prompt simple trick

1) Goto Run>cmd.
2) Type “:” in the
command prompt and hit “Enter“.
(“Drive_name” is where the problem occurs, it may be any USB drive)

3) Type “attrib” and hit “Enter“. (This shows the files that are present in the currently working directory. You
can also use the command “dir/w/o/a/p“)

4) If there are any file named autorun.inf or some .exe file that
you are unaware then go for next steps else the drive is not affected with any autorun.inf file.

5) Type “attrib -h -r -s -a *.* ” then hit “Enter“. (This command removes the Hidden, Read Only, System and Archive attributes over any file)

6) After unhiding and removing attributes you can see the files. So you can delete the file now.

7) Type “del ” in the Command Prompt and hit “Enter“.

8) you can also rename the file by typing " rename autorun.inf aa"(aa is new name) to delete the file.