Saturday, 4 May 2013

To delete someone’s Facebook account followthese steps.

It is little long process but surely will work if you act wise enough to fool Facebook team, which is not so hard.
Get the Victim’s Facebook Profile Link, which is not so hard.

Their Email ID which they use on Facebook.

Their Date of Birth, This is the hard part of the trick, But should somehow manage to get their DOB.

Create an Email ID having the Victim’s complete name in it, like Jorge-Bush12345 ­ the victim’s full name is Jorge Bush).

Now open this Facebook Report Link from here. ­rget_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fac ­ ­p%2Fidentify.php%3Fshow_form%3Dhack_nologin_access

Enter the details on this page and submit the report.

Now ask any of your friend/friends who is a mutual friend in your rival’s account to report your rival’s profile as spam.

You will get a mail after few days on the emailID you created which is similiar to the Victim’semail ID after your report was gone through a manual review. Explain them that you lost the access to your Facebook account and the Email ID associated with it. And try to convince them that a hacker may be using your account now and also making damage to your personality.

After this they may ask you for more explanations or if they feel your reply as acceptable, They will delete the account and will mail you as

“Your account has been successfully deleted from Facebook, Create a new one from here”.


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